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    Production Research

    Production plant overview

    With the GMP production requirements of the modern chemical plant, convenient transportation, the plant covers an area of about 24 acres, plant area of 2 thousand square meters, the annual production capacity of 800 tons of crude drugs. The factory is well equipped and advanced with 2 sets of 6 cubic low temperature heat reflux extraction units, and 1 sets of 1 cubic low temperature heat reflux extraction units. 2 sets of drying system, efficient spray drying system, microwave drying system and tubular centrifuge, filter column, can meet the needs of multi product production. At the same time, the company has complete testing facilities, equipped with TLC, HPLC, UV, microbiological testing room, for the quality of products provided a guarantee.

  • Internal laboratory

    Quality Control
  • *internal independent inspection equipment (HPLC, UV, TLC) will be sampled and tested in internal laboratory after completion of production, including HPLC, UV, TLC)

  • *third party laboratory test (send samples to Shaanxi Institute of Microbiology before delivery to detect microorganisms, Silliker strength can detect heavy metals, Eurofines test, PAHs, SGS test)