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    Product Name:Maca Extract Powder 10:1

    Product Specifications:10:1

    Product Code:XAGL031

    Pharmacological Effects:Anti-fatigue, enhanced energy and physical strength

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    Date Added:18-01-03 09:12

    Product Name:Maca Extract Powder

    Latin Name:Lepidium meyenii Walp

    Product category:Ratio Extract Powder

    Extraction part:Rhizome

    Product specification:10:1 TLC

    Product appearance:Yellow brown powder

    Pharmacological actions:
    Anti-fatigue, enhanced energy and physical strength.
    Regulate the endocrine system and balance the hormones.
    Regulate endocrine, against a variety of alkaloids of menopausal syndrome.
    Enhance immune function, fatigue, anemia.

    Product packing: inner double layer plastic bag, outer layer cardboard barrel

    Shelf life: 24 months

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