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    Product Name:Wolfberry Extract Powder 10:1

    Product Specifications:10:1

    Product Code:XAGL011-1

    Pharmacological Effects:Nourishing liver and kidney, profit and smart. improve the blood testosterone level and play a strong role.

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    Date Added:18-01-02 17:58

    Product Name:Wolfberry Extract Powder 

    Latin Name:Lycium barbarum L

    Product category:Ratio Extract Powder

    Extraction part::Fruit

    Product specification:10:1 UV

    Product appearance:Yellow Brown  powder

    Pharmacological actions:
    Nourishing liver and kidney, profit and smart.
    For the deficiency of the deficiency, the waist knee ache, the faint tinnitus, the internal heat quenching thirst, the blood deficiency yellow, the eye is unknown.
    It has a stimulative effect on immunity and has an immunomodulatory effect.
    It can improve the blood testosterone level and play a strong role.
    It can promote the hematopoietic function;
    There is also a significant increase of white blood cells in normal healthy people;
    There are anti-aging, anti-mutation, anti-tumor, blood lipid, liver and anti-fatty liver, blood glucose lowering, blood pressure lowering effect.
    Product packing: inner double layer plastic bag, outer layer cardboard barrel

    Shelf life: 24 months 

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