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    Product Name:Water-Solubility Green Coffee Bean Extract

    Product Specifications:Chlorogenic 10%~ 50%; Polyphenols 50%

    Product Code:XAGL001-3

    Pharmacological Effects:effect on weight loss,lowering blood pressure ,anti-tumor , good for kidney , antioxidant ect. can also be used for health food to make it delicious.

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    Date Added:18-01-02 16:37

    Product Name:Green Coffee Bean Extract
    Latin Name:Coffea Robusta/Coffea Arabica 

    Product category:Featured Products
    Extraction part::SEED
    Product specification:Chlorogenic  10%~ 50%; Polyphenols 50%
    Product appearance:Pale yellow powder
    Pharmacological actions:effect on weight loss,lowering blood pressure ,anti-tumor , good for kidney , antioxidant ect. can also be used for health food to make it delicious.
    Product packing: inner double layer plastic bag, outer layer cardboard barrel
    Shelf life: 24 months

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