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    Product Name:Buleberry Fruit Powder

    Product Specifications:100

    Product Code:XAGL070

    Pharmacological Effects:Natural, pollution-free; Retain the unique flavor and taste of blueberries

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    Date Added:18-01-02 09:30

    Product name: Bilberry fruit powder
    Latin name: Vaccinium myrtillusL. / Vacciniumvitis-idaea
    Plant origin: The fruit of Evergreen low shrubs blueberry
    Character : Light purple red
    Appearance: Loose uniform subdivision (60 mesh), good fluidity;
    pale purple red, blueberry has inherent aroma and taste, no smell.
    Solubility: ≧98%
    Features: 1. Natural, pollution-free; 2. Retain the unique flavor and
    taste of blueberries; 3. Enrich and stabilize the nutritional and functional
    components of blueberries; 4 Easy storage, transportation and use.
    Scope of application: Nutritious food, Functional food, Health care food
    and Beverage ,Cosmetics
    Storage conditions: Storage temperature ≦25, the relative humidity 60%
    Shelf life: 24 months

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