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    Product Name:Apple Fruit Powder

    Product Specifications:Good Water Solubility

    Product Code:XAGL164

    Pharmacological Effects:Solid beverage (5%), Beverage (5%), Snack food (3-5%), Medicine and Food (5-20%)

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    Date Added:18-01-02 09:30

    Product name: Apple Fruit powder
    Extraction source: Apple
    Active ingredient: Vitamins, etc.
    Color: Having the inherent color and uniformity of the product-Pale yellow to
    Clinical application: Food, beverage
    Solubility: Completely soluble
    Application form: Granules, tablets, capsules
    Appearance: Powder loose, non caking, no visible impurities.
    Odor: Natural green apple flavor
    Suggested dosage: Solid beverage (5%), Beverage (5%), Snack food (3-5%),
    Medicine and Food (5-20%)
    Storage: Stored in a cool and dry, avoid light, avoid high temperature.
    Shelf life: 24 months.

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