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2017-11-18 09:16:50

Halal certification: Halal, intended to be legal, translated as halal, that is in line with Muslim living habits and needs of food, drugs, cosmetics, as well as food, drugs, cosmetics additives. In general, in addition to the Koran prohibite...


2017-11-18 09:16:20

Kosher certification: Kosher, which means kosher, Judaism, kosher, edible, referring to products related to the Jewish diet. English meaning of KOSHER is clean, edible, is kosher, and literally in Hebrew means right or acceptable. When used...


2017-11-18 09:15:30

ISO9001 certification: it is one of the core standards of a group of quality management systems included in the ISO9000 standard. The ISO9000 standard is the concept proposed by the international organization for Standardization (ISO) in 19...


2017-11-18 09:12:21

Organic certification: organic certification is the abbreviation of organic agricultural products certification. Organic certification is recognized by some countries and relevant international organizations and vigorously promoted. It is al...