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    Xi'an Green Life Co., Ltd. was founded in August 2006, headquartered in Xi'an hi tech Zone Jinye Road Business Development Park, is a company engaged in effective components in natural products extraction and separation, and the development of standards, a variety of natural plant extracts, high-tech biological engineering company production and sales.

    The company regards quality as the lifeline of the enterprise, we have set up a complete set of quality control, management and supervision system. From the raw material planting base that accords with GAP and organic standard to the modern production line established according to the GMP standard, to the inspection and packaging, the quality standard is consistent. The first-class inspection and testing instrument is responsible for the quality of the product. At the same time, the company has complete testing facilities. At present, the company is equipped with high-performance liquid chromatograph, TLC identification instrument, ultraviolet spectrophotometer and modern laboratory and microbial testing laboratory, which provides guarantee for the quality of the product.

    Xi'an Green Life Co., Ltd. main products as standard extract, organic extracts, fruit powder, the main products for the green coffee bean extract, black garlic extract, ginger extract, white willow bark extract, boxwood extract, Rhodiola extract, apple polyphenol, usnic acid, Rosa roxburghii Extract etc..

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